about the book

The Courage of My Convictions is a true story and an invaluable resource for anyone re-engineering their career, who is part of a dual career household, and who considers personal integrity and family their top priorities.

After graduating Texas Christian University, Peter Duffy takes a sales position with Procter & Gamble and quickly climbs the ladder.

Duffy meets and marries Barbara, a technology wiz, and moves to Pittsburgh to become the company's youngest district manager.

When the couple's first daughter arrives, Barbara is offered an exciting opportunity in New York and Duffy encourages the move resulting in disastrous consequences for his own career. This begins a five-year ordeal in which Duffy endures seven job changes.

The recession of the early nineties finds Duffy working in a delicatessen. The couple has two young daughters, no savings, and they're approaching bankruptcy.

One final, desperate attempt at a corporate job is a complete disaster when Duffy finds himself in a tangled mess, and is fired.

The Courage of My Convictions is ultimately a success story and an inspiration for anyone who has been fired or is part of a dual career household.

what readers say

"I got it in the mail yesterday, started to read it after dinner and finished it today at lunch time. What an eye opening read! There were valuable life lessons learned on the importance of balancing career and family... this book is a primer for helping us realize that we are not alone."
- Christine Taylor, Pittsburgh, PA

"For those people under the age of 30, this book is a must read in terms of what to be aware of and lessons learned. For those people over the age of 31 Peter Duffy's story has many ideals we need to be reminded of. Regardless The Courage of My Convictions is just a plain enjoyable read."
- Paul Lucas, Clifton, VA

"...I finished your book - very interesting and very well written. You have had your share of ups and downs - I have very similar values on life with a career and family - great story of success. It was a very good read."
- Matt Kennedy, New York, NY

"...really enjoyed it. Completed it in two sittings, as I couldn't put it down. I am sure you will be an inspiration to all contemplating a career change. Quite an adventure you have had and now I am ready for the sequel."
- Donna Cestari, Hesperia, CA

"Your book was an easy read and will be very helpful to men and women... at a loss for why their skills, experience and hard work seem 'not to be enough'... it will motivate the reader to be more proactive in their pursuit of work... and what kind of human being they want to be."
- Nina Yenchko, Long Island, NY

"...it was great, I loved the ending. Is there a sequel?"
- Pat Stebner, Long Island, NY

"...I read (your book) on the plane ride home and happy to report I enjoyed it thoroughly. After listening to you speak in Vegas and reading your book, it's obvious your calling is in motivational speaking."
- Thomas Sconzo, Long Island, NY