Awarded 'Editor's Choice' by iUniverse, The Courage of My Convictions is a true story of overcoming overwhelming obstacles, refusing to quit and prevailing to accomplish professional and family goals.

A story dual career households, recent college grads, and anyone re-engineering their career can benefit from and relate to.

A story you will relate to more than those of famous CEOs, because this is a story of someone much like you...

our causes

American Cancer Society - Total Contribution: $5,160.00

Peter Duffy and the following Credit Union organizations where he has appeared as a guest speaker, together have donated the proceeds of book sales to the American Cancer Society. (Attendees received a book)
• Louisiana CU League (Duffy speaks @ Annual Mtg)
• CUNA League Services (Duffy speaks @ Savannah)
• Kentucky CU Sr. Mgt. Conf (Duffy conducts 2 sessions)
• MACUMA Mgt. Conference (Duffy conducts session)
• Ohio CU League Annual Mtg. (Duffy conducts 2 sessions)
• Mississippi CU Lg. Ann.Mtg. (Duffy conducts 2 sessions)
• Florida CU Lg. Ann. Mtg. (Duffy conducts 2 sessions)
• Missouri CU Lg. Sr.Mgt.Conf (Duffy conducts 2 sessions)
• Michigan CU Senior Mgt.Conf (Duffy speaking)
• MidMinnesota FCU (Board Retreat)
• Florida CUES Council (Fall Conference Duffy facilit.)
• Mass CU League

Special Operations Warrior Foundation - Total Contribution: $1,200.00

This foundation benefits the orphans of Special Operations Soldiers lost in battle defending our freedom and way of life. For more information, visit www.SpecialOps.org
Additional Contributors:
• Visions FCU member meeting (Duffy speaking and book signing)
• MidStates CU Conference - San Diego (Duffy speaking and book signing)